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A CLASS Bed & Breakfast
Lecce | Mazzini District
R. Imbriani street, 49
mob. +39 392 7157549
tel./fax +39 0832 312587


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bed and breakfast Lecce - A Class
Splendid baroque city, and binder and signorile, the capoluogo salentino are the fruit of a long cultural stratification that passes through various civilizations. The birth of the city riconducibile to the messapi that they were concentrated around to an inhabited center called Sybar, subsequently is latinized from the Roman who in III the century a.c of it changed the name in Lupiae. Between the 600 and 700 city it assumes its it puts into effect them appearance and it knows one important artistic and cultural closing that varrà the name of “Florence of the Baroque” and “Atene of the Puglie” for architectonic its pregio and the most numerous churches of several ages and unusual a how much esuberante and brilliant interpretation of the baroque that render it only in its kind. A beauty and a scenografica singolarità rendered possible from a series of conditions that contributed to giving a strong impulse to the development of the baroque taste: from the participation of masters like the Zimbalo and other architects, supported from mecenati bishops, to the capricious celebrativa vanity of noble smaniosi local large estate owners to represent the prestige of their casato one through fastosi palaces, rich facades of ghirigori, brocchi, orpelli and cesellature of every kind; from the bravura and creativity of the heads leccesi masters and the scalpellini able to realize it lives and redundant reasons to us decorated to you, to the peculiarity of the leccese, material stone a poor time, from the ineguagliabili property: soft, light, malleable, warm and gilded to contact with the light. The sea of the coast salentina is paragonobile for beauty and lucentezza to that one of the Sardinia or Greece, teeming with fish, but above all cleaned up much to deserve in the numerous years acknowledgments (small flags) from the “green schooner”
it is not improbable during the underwater immersions to imbattersi in turtles caretta caretta or dolphins or small horses navy and in the ancient coves of the Zinzulusa in and rarest sponges nonthat in the primordiale amphibious proteo Bed and breakfast “at lecce” in the center of the city, dipped in the baroque of the Salento that it does not have equal in Puglia, offers to all the confort of a prestigious hotel: bath in luminous room, widths rooms, rooms, tv, conditioned air… is the ideal in order to pass one unforgettable vacation also for the lovers of the sea, from these you hardly leave limpid and crystalline and distant from the city 12 km
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